Landlords – sell my rental property for cash

Some of our clients are landlords who are tired of dealing with their rental property.Maybe it needed a bunch of repairs. Maybe it was just too much work. A lot of themthought “Hey, being a landlord will be a great thing,” and now, after a couple of years,they’re like, “Man, it’s not so good … … Continued

Why sell to an investor in San Antonio

Hey, it’s [name] from Vermeer Investment, LLC.Have you ever wondered why someone would sell their property to a real estate investorlike me?Here’s what I would tell you. I’m not looking to steal your property. I’m not looking tosteal your equity.I’m looking for a little bit of a trade … where you might say, “Look, instead … Continued

Water damage can be the kiss of death if you’re trying to sell your house … unless you know some of the important things that can help:

Selling a Home with Water Damage (Sooner Than 2 Years!) Have you experienced flooding or water damage and are looking to learn how to sell a house with water damage fast? Use our comprehensive assessment for guiding you through the troubled waters. In many areas, flash flooding is unexpected… Often times, until hours or minutes … Continued

When you call an investor in San Antonio

Hey, it’s [name] from Vermeer Investment, LLC and you’re probably wondering … “What happenswhen I call a real estate investor? Are they gonna make me a low ball offer? Are theygoing to steal my property? Is everything above board?”What we do is we buy properties that need a little bit of fixing up, that need … Continued

It doesn’t always make sense to perform repairs if they are expensive. Evaluate what needs to be done … and consider selling “as-is” as a possible alternative:

Selling a Home in the San Antonio Area , That Needs Expensive Repairs The process of selling a home with expensive repairs can cause any homeowner serious headaches. It is widely believed that in order to sell a property, you’ve got to ensure all major repairs are completed. And sadly, this expense always seems to … Continued

Bandit Signs

Hey! It’s [name] from Vermeer Investment, LLC.I’m here in the area, and I wanted to show you something. I think it’s something that youprobably see all the time. It’s one of those “We Buy Houses” signs right up on the pole.They put it so high up because it’s illegal. I don’t do that.However, maybe you’ve … Continued

A few light-hearted tips to make things easier on moving day:

Moving Yourself to a New Home – 14 Quick Tips Moving is a big challenge for anyone who’s about to embark on this new and exciting journey. When it comes to moving, it’s important to be packed up and ready before the Big Day arrives. When it comes to moving yourself, without any professional help, … Continued

Inheriting a house can be difficult enough when everything is arranged – it can be much more difficult when there isn’t a will. Read more on this topic here:

How to Survive Inheriting a House Without a Will Of the issues homeowners face when they sell an inherited house, inheriting a house without a will remains the most challenging. It’s important to examine some essential survival tips before deciding to sell that will make the process easier. The Estate The property is called your … Continued