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What investors are about in San Antonio TX Area1 Call 210-629-7877 - sell your house fast, Bexar

Hey, wait, stop, stop … If you’re a homeowner that’s looking to sell their house and
you are completely fine with that process taking six to nine months, your house is
in great shape, you’re someone who is looking for a full retail value of your home and
you’re willing to wait up to a year for the right buyer … in other words you’ve got time
and flexibility on your hands – go ahead and keep scrolling, and I hope you have a great
But if you’re someone who wants to sell their home FOR SURE, you have too many
repairs to be able to list with a real estate agent, maybe you owe some payments or
taxes on it, maybe you inherited a problem house, or just want to downsize without
letting hundreds of people in to see your home…
I wanted you to know that I am buying houses in your zip code – for all cash – and I can
give you a cash offer within 24 hours of looking at your house – no mortgages, preapprovals,
nothing like that – we pay cash.
My name is , I’m with , and we are a local real estate
investing company and we are either going to flip it or fix it up and make it a rental.
I have been buying properties in for years – and I want to hear
about yours.
If you’re seeing this ad on Facebook – it means we buy in that zip code.
To submit your property for consideration – all you have to do is click the link below, it
will take you to a secure form – take 30 seconds to fill out your information – and we will
contact you in 24 hours. Sound good?
Now there’s a couple of rules – it cannot already be listed with an agent and you should
be actually ready to sell it – we look at a lot of homes and we respect your time and ask
for the same. If you’re in a situation where you need to get rid of a property you don’t
want or need – it’s a win-win for both of us!
If you are behind on payments or owe back taxes – we have helped folks in those exact
situations and solved their problem – we have a couple of creative solutions we can offer
you if you’re in a problem situation.
If you have any questions – just post them in the comments – otherwise I’ll see you on
the inside!!!

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What investors are about in San Antonio TX Area1 Call 210-629-7877 - sell your house fast, Bexar
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