When you call an investor in San Antonio

Hey, it’s [name] from Vermeer Investment, LLC and you’re probably wondering … “What happens
when I call a real estate investor? Are they gonna make me a low ball offer? Are they
going to steal my property? Is everything above board?”
What we do is we buy properties that need a little bit of fixing up, that need a little bit of
tender loving care.
So instead of you going out and spending months repairing it, hiring contractors, then
finally putting it on the market, dealing with realtors, paying commissions and all of
that in order to sell the property … you might consider, “You know what, let me talk to [name], see what he would offer. If it’s a reasonable amount, I’ll sell it to him. He’ll buy
it as is, he’ll repair it, and at that point then I’m done with it!”
Now it may not be for everyone and it may not be for you, but all it takes is a phone
conversation. Just simply you and me getting on the phone, I’ll talk to you about the
You’ll give me a little bit of details about it, about the condition.
I’ll make you an offer on the property and then you can decide from there. If it makes
sense, great. If it doesn’t, that’s okay too.
There’s never any pressure. I’m not a pressure guy. That’s not the way I like to be dealt
with, and so I don’t deal with anyone like that.
So I’d love to chat with you about the property. Now we got to go in and fix this one up
and get it ready so that way a nice family can go ahead and move into it.
Looking forward to chatting with you.

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