Why sell to an investor in San Antonio

Hey, it’s [name] from Vermeer Investment, LLC.
Have you ever wondered why someone would sell their property to a real estate investor
like me?
Here’s what I would tell you. I’m not looking to steal your property. I’m not looking to
steal your equity.
I’m looking for a little bit of a trade … where you might say, “Look, instead of me fixing up
the property, I’ll sell it to you, [name]. You fix it up and then in turn I’ll give you a little
bit of a discount for doing that.”
So, that’s the solution that I offer to you. That instead of going out and doing all that
crazy stuff to sell your house, maybe I might be able to make you an offer that you might
say, “You know what? I’ll take that offer and it sounds like a good deal for me. I know you
make a little bit of money after you repair things, et cetera, and in the end, we’re both
happy and we both got a good deal.”
So why don’t we chat and see what we can do. There’s never any obligation.
There’s no pressure. If you and I chat, if it makes sense, great. If it doesn’t, it’s okay too.
We’ll shake hands and part as friends.
So go ahead and click on the button and I’m looking forward to talking to you.

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